About the event

The goal of our event:

The celebration of the founding of the city.
On the 19th of August 1316, Károly Róbert gives back the privileges of Cluj and gives it the title of city.

The proper celebration of the founding of the Hungarian state and the day of Szent István (Stephen I. of Hungary).

Creating a community building event for the Hungarian people of Cluj and the people who have their origins in Cluj but now live elsewhere.
Cluj, as the cultural capital of Transylvania wishes to message all the people who once lived here, but now live elsewhere. Once in every year the city awaits them for a united celebration and to strengthen the feeling of togetherness. Thus, the Hungarian Days become the celebration of the former founder and present Hungarian community.

An appraisal of the Hungarian culture fromTransylvania and the Carpathian basin.

Networking and keeping the contact with the cities in or out of the country
The role of Cluj in the past and present of the Hungarians from Transylvania and the Carpathian basin is undoubted. The Hungarian Days is a perfect opportunity to present the Hungarian cultural life of the city. We look forward to the participation of several invited people from Transylvania and the Carpathian basin, so that we can maintain a good relation with them and to develop the city together.

The presentation of the Hungarian culture
As the cultural capital of Transylvania, Cluj is home to the Romanian majority's community. The Hungarian Days can be a good opportunity to prove the vitality and colorfulness of our community, our valuable work, and to offer the possibility of a dialogue not only on culture, but on other aspects of the common living space too.