Hungarian Days Of Cluj ended on Sunday. See you again next year! – 8. kolozsvári magyar napok

Hungarian Days Of Cluj ended on Sunday. See you again next year!

The 8th edition of the Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj ended on Sunday evening with the Csárdásfürstin, the show of the Budapest Operetta Theatre. Before the beginning of the performance staged on the Main Square closing speeches were delivered by Árpád János Potápi, State Secretary for National Policy, Emese Oláh, the Vice Mayor of Cluj-Napoca and Balázs Gergely, the chief organiser of the festival.

“The Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj has become the largest cultural festival of Transylvania, where not only the Treasured City but the entire Transylvanian community presents itself”, started his speech Potápi, adding that many people have formulated many ideas about the nature of Transylvanian spirituality. The outstanding event of the Hungarian Days in Cluj every year also helps us understand this spirituality. “Hungarian statehood could abide to this day here in Transylvania, also called the Enchanted Garden, and the main reason for that is that its inhabitants were always ready to make sacrifices during their history. Grateful acknowledgements are due to them, just as thanks are due to the organisers of this special event for the work they had put into it”, emphasised Potápi. The politician asked those present to continue to take part “in the shaping of our common affairs”.

“We are closing a heart-warming, special and symbolic week. In the future we will have to work hard, so that the miracle of the Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj can become the reality of the weekdays. The festive atmosphere that is filling our hearts right now – for which it has been a joy to be Hungarian in Cluj for a week – should and must be preserved for the rest of the year, too”, declared Emese Oláh. The Vice Mayor of Cluj-Napoca underlined that respect and appreciation for each other must not be restricted for one week, yet less pathos and more concrete actions are needed in the everyday work for the benefit of the community.

“Although we are tired, this exhaustion is similar to that of the athletes. In the beginning of the event we set the goal to worthily celebrate the 20th of August, our national day, and the birthday of the Treasure City. I am happy to report that over the past eight days we managed to achieve that goal, and for that we needed the support of our organisers, volunteers and sponsors, to who thanks are due again” – said Balázs Gergely. The chief organiser of the Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj added: although in the beginning of the festival – answering a question asked by a journalist – he declared that the was waiting for the end of the event most of all, now, at the beginning of the closing ceremony he can say with perfect confidence that he is looking forward to the next edition of the Hungarian Cultural Days, which will take place in 2018, between 19–25 August.

In the past week there have been several hundreds of cultural programmes, concerts, exhibitions, performances and presentations on dozens of locations, the most important squares, streets and alleys of Cluj. More information about the Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj can be found at the Internet page , and pictures and reports at .


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