About the Event

The largest cultural festival in Transylvania, the Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj/Kolozsvár are not only a series of programmes and events attracting a larger audience each year, but, at the same time, a muster of Hungarian cultural life in Transylvania and the Carpathian Basin.

The participants attending several hundred programmes at dozens of festival locations – in addition to the pleasure of meeting each other – gather experiences provided by the cultural treasures accumulated over the previous centuries and presented in a week time; and subsisting upon these experiences in the remaining part of the year, they take with them the most important message of the HCDC: that our  Hungarian community in Cluj, Transylvania, the Carpathian Basin is a vibrant and vigorous community, able to create new values.

As members of the Treasured Cluj Association, we think that by this community building work, we do not only enrich the offer of summer programmes, but also provide an excellent opportunity – now for the ninth time – to showcase our culture, characteristic customs and historic traditions to the Romanian community living together with us. We are convinced that knowing each other better is a certain precondition for peaceful co-existence. Beyond all that, if we succeed to present Cluj in its characteristic diversity, pointing out the promising future development of a permanently renewing city that stands firm on the ground of historic traditions, we also make our common dream become a reality, and our young people will more likely remain in the Treasured City, establish their families here and enlarge our community.

The fact that our event series has been a defining phenomenon of cultural life in the Carpathian Basin for the ninth year now, respectively that local Hungarian Days are now organised following the example of the Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj in several other larger towns of Transylvania, prove that there had been a need for such festivals, a demand that we have successfully met.

The ever-improving PROGRAMME OFFER ensures substantial and quality recreation for every age-group. During the extended week of the festival we fill the squares of Cluj, open the gates of our institutions, and hidden or less lively scenes, which nonetheless are linked to the Cluj feeling with a thousand threads, become full of life and make our festival a common feast of the city and all of its inhabitants.

Given the fact that the State Secretariat for National Policy at the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office has declared 2018 a year dedicated to King Matthias to commemorate the 575th anniversary of his birth and 560th anniversary of his election as King of Hungary, the Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj this year are also part of the commemorative year extended all over the Carpathian Basin. Remembering our great king, whose figure and spirituality emerges at every step when walking the streets of his native Kolozsvár, the Treasured City, during the HCDC we come with numerous thematic programmes. Moreover, the motto of our event series this year is also connected to the legendary and mysterious personality of Matthias, celebrating his important anniversaries. Vivat Mathias!

Everybody is welcome to attend our programmes between the 19th and the 26th of August. More detailed information about the programmes are available on our webpage, and the Facebook page of the Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj/Kolozsvár.