About Treasured Cluj Association

Treasured Cluj is the association that has been organising the Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj for the seventh time this year was founded in the spring of 2010. Its primary aim was to fulfil a dream that seemed for many like an impossible mission to achieve: to create the widest possible cooperation among the civil society, church-related organisations, and the educational and political institutions existing in Cluj, and by that common force to organise every year the Hungarian days of the city, or the days of the Cluj Hungarians, within the framework of a one-week festival carried out in the public spaces of the city.

It is well-known that the capital city of Transylvania – together with its fifty-sixty thousand indigenous Hungarian population – was put in shackles by history for over half a century. Most of the country could breathe a sigh of relief after the forty years of communist dictatorship were over, but not the city of Cluj, considered the place that “cannot be given up”. History reserved another one and a half decades of extra suffering for this ill-fated city. Under the burden of this undeserved and unjustly lengthy punishment, the Hungarian community of the town got ever more disorganised, its future became ever more questionable.

Looking back from the perspective of these seven years it may not seem exaggerated that the Hungarian community of Cluj succeeded to rediscover itself within the frames of the series of events organised by the Kincses Kolozsvár Egyesület. After six decades, the Hungarians living in the city – irrespective of their social, religious, political backgrounds – due to the Hungarian Cultural Days could again enjoy the unique experience that was only remembered by the older generation: living the joy of unrestricted belongingness to a healthy community.

It is little short of a miracle, but it seems that the goal could be achieved! The common experience of the festival gives support and self-confidence for the people for an entire year. For seven years in a row now the Hungarians of Cluj manage to get rid of their fears and their paralysis, celebrate together, and accept more and more naturally that the Romanians living together with them also engage in their celebration. More and more people can righteously feel that when they celebrate, they do not act against us, but act for our own sake! Perhaps the start of this trust-enhancing process can be seen as a second great achievement of this series of events, and by it, of the Kincses Kolozsvár Egyesület.

Balázs Gergely


Founding members of the Association:

Balázs Gergely, the president of the association, archaeologist, historian

Emőke Fekete, jurist

† József Kötő Transylvanian dramaturg, theatre historian

Gyula Szép teacher of music, director of the Cluj Hungarian Opera

Levente Csigi economist, the executive president of the Carpathia Hungarian – Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

László Vadas stage director

István Székely political scientist, president of the Jakabffy Elemér Foundation