Knock Out

Knock Out band was founded in 1993 by József Yogi Lénárd and Sándor Varga, two ex-members of the Kolozsvár/Cluj-based band Compact. The band is invited to several concerts in Transylvania and Hungary. In its first years, the band toured Transylvania in the company of groups like Moby Dick, Hobo Blues Band and Edda. Later, their hits like Mit hoz a holnap (“What will Tomorrow Bring”), Nem tehetek róla (“I Cannot Help It”), Nincsen hibád (“You are Flawless”), Vérig blues (“Blues Till Blood”), Nagyárpi, Kolozsvári vándor (“Cluj Wayfarer”), Ahol a motorosok (“Where the Motorcyclists”), Sörnapok (“Beer Days”), Meglépett Piroska (“Piroska Ran Away”) sound at student festivals, rock festivals, town day events, beer days and mostly at motorcyclists’ meetups. Easily digestible lyrics, drawing, melodic riffs and a few Transylvanian folk song arrangements were needed to make them become one of the most beloved and best-known rock bands in Transylvania, and keep that position for the past 25 years. At the Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj, the group will come to stage with a vast, anniversary production, from where their invited special guests will not be missing, either!
Members of the band: József Yogi Lénárd (singing, guitar), Éva Gábora-Máté (vocals, violin, guitar), László Levente Nagy (bass guitar), Gábor Turi (drums)