Lovasi ’18

András Lovasi needs no presentation. The frontman of Kispál és a borz, and of Kiscsillag, an outstanding personality of Hungarian rock music comes to Kolozsvár/Cluj again, and this time with a truly special concert. Lovasi 18 is a compilation of the best-known songs of Kispál és a Borz, and Kiscsillag, but pieces from the only solo album of Lovasi, entitled “Bandi a hegyről” (Bandi from the Mountain) could also come up, for the very reason, because continuation is just around the corner, planned to appear in the fall. At the end of November, the second solo album of Lovasi is due to come out, and one or two songs from it will also be played as a teaser. The artist will share the stage with his number one co-author, András Kispál, and of course, Ákos D. Dióssy and Gábor Leskovics will also be there, as they have been following the work of the two creative partners since the mid-nineties. The present-day members of Kiscsillag will fill the other positions of the band.