Loyal is and E.European blues rock band. About this “E.Europe” they think it exists, while it does not exist, and yet it is a mind twister one must not twist too much, or otherwise women-shaped empty spaces would grow inside them, which would be no wonder at all, given the fact that they send away all their would-be one-night adventures, and croon evergreen rock melodies instead.
In the summer of 2012, a few literate scribes stood in the yard of the fortress of Kőszeg attending a festival, and watching as some elderly gentlemen felt extremely well on the stage performing rock evergreens. As a gift for Christmas 2014, Loyal prepared a samizdat demo in a small studio, roughly in five days’ time, compiling a CD to present to their loved ones. The band has been persistently playing ever since – at their customary artistic level, and what the audience can hear from one concert to the other is nothing else but unmistakable joy music.
Members of the band: Vince Láng (singing), Szilárd Demeter (bass guitar), Ákos Fekecs (drums), Gábor Megadja (guitar). In addition, Gábor Antal plays on keyboards, more or less as a permanent guest performer.