Potaisa Street – turned into the Street of Wines – is expecting lovers of quality wines. In addition, wine tastings are organised at several locations and restaurants of the city – with the guidance of professionals.

20th of August 2018, Monday, 19.00 – Wines of the World

A selection of fine wines of the world – offered by Wine Point wine shop (held in Romanian)

21st of August 2018, Tuesday, 19.00 – István Balassa, Balassa Winery – Tokaj

István Balassa had become a teacher, then he was working as a quality control director at a winery. He became deeply moved with the terroir, the vineyard and the wine itself, thus he felt the urge to make his own wine, but only following his own ideas and expectations. He had no money, but the highest spiritual capital: the urge to make the best wine possible, taking into consideration the parameters of the terroir and of the vintage. He is dedicated to use exclusively artisanal methods, respectively to present, to reflect the character of the vineyard, of the terroir. He started this process in 2005, almost from zero, but since then he has been making numerous awarded wines. In 2012 he was the winemaker discovery of the year, while today he is working in his own winery, but he is also viticulturist of Grand Tokaj Winery. His name has become a legend in Tokaj Region. And with credit, as he makes only as much wine as he knows that it will be perfect. These wines are bottled in limited series.

22nd of August 2018, Wednesday, 19.00 – László Alkonyi, Kaláka Winery – Tállya, Tokaj Region

If we see the magic word – TOKAJ – everyone thinks about a deep coloured sweet wine and about the famous statement: vinum regum, rex vinorum. However, at this tasting we will discover a different Tokaj as well, because there are a lot of question marks related to the future of this historic region. Searching for the proper way, a change of image, a new identity, but preservation of roots and traditions – all these are debated nowadays regarding a region, which has become part of UNESCO world heritage in 2002. The man who is our guide on this tour is no one else than László Alkonyi, a passionate and eternal optimist of the region, an ambassador with probably the deepest knowledge on this topic. He used to be a wine journalist, but he also made a contemporary classification of Tokaj’s vineyards, with cartographic methods, based on the 18th century classification by Mátyás Bél. A few years ago at Tállya he set off Kaláka Winery, together with his friends, and he is having outstanding results in winemaking, putting in practice his own terroir-related philosophy.

23rd of August 2018, Thursday, 19.00 – Péter Frittmann, Frittmann Winery – Soltvadkert, Kunság Region

The great Hungarian Plain, including the Kunság Region, has been somehow avoided in reference to quality wine. Although there have always been examples of outstanding winemaking, the region was marked by the industrial scale mass production of low quality wines. A great breakthrough came with the year 2007, when János Frittmann was awarded the winemaker of the year trophy. Since then the region is not excluded anymore from quality winemaking, furthermore, in 2015 the Frittmann Winery was elected the winery of the year in Hungary. It is a family winery, situated in Soltvadkert, in the southern part of Kunság Region. The family owns 60 hectares, but they also integrate some controlled quality grape from local fellow winegrowers. Our guest is Péter Frittmann, who attended viticulture and oenology at Corvinus University, working as winemaker and manager at the winery. He is also an active member of Junibor association.

24th of August 2018, Friday, 19.00 – wine and gastronomy session with Tokaj Nobilis wines

As we could get used to in the previous years, the Lady Friends of Wine offer us every year an exciting experience in pairing food with wine. Small bites of carefully selected dishes will accompany this year the wines of Tokaj Nobilis Winery from Tokaj Region, a long-time acquaintance of the wine lovers from Cluj. The wines will be introduced by the winemaker, Sarolta Bárdos, while the dishes will be made, served and presented by the ladies themselves.

(event organized by the Lady Friends of Wine)

25th of August 2018, Saturday, 19.00 – Tamás Kis, Somlói Vándor Winery – Somló

On Saturday we will have the privilege to host a young winemaker from an outstanding Hungarian wine region. He is Tamás Kis, and he wrote the following about himself and about his winery: “The Somlói Vándor Winery is one of the youngest wineries of the region, our first vintage was 2011. At that point I was travelling regularly to Somló from my working place in Eger, and that is where the name of the winery comes from. Finally, in 2014 my heart told me to settle here. Presently we have 5 hectares, on all sides of Somló, divided into 10 parcels. Our main grape variety is the historical Juhfark, but we also have some Riesling, Furmint and Hárslevelű. We deal with our vineyards with great care and an organic approach. Our aim is to raise this special and limitedly made drink, the Somló wine, back onto the highest level of world class wines.”

26th of August 2018, Sunday, 19.00 – Csaba Koch, Koch Winery – Hajós-Baja and Villány Regions

Our guest is a winemaker who knows very well two different wine regions of Hungary. He built up a winery in both regions. The family history bonds him to the great Hungarian Plain since the middle of the 18th century, and the family estate from Hajós-Baja Region has been upgraded to 170 hectares. A new winery was established in Villány Region, at Nagyharsány, which is in fact a restored old press house, more than a hundred years old. Csaba Koch states the following about his winemaking philosophy: “Winemaking leads from the terroir to the glass. In both of my cellars I try to make direct, clean, richly flavoured, perfectly balanced, harmonic wines, using grape varieties and styles that can provide the highest quality possible on the given location.”