About the Event

The largest cultural festival in Transylvania, the Hungarian Cultural Days in Cluj is not only a series of attractive programs visited by an ever-growing audience but also a review of Hungarian cultural life in Transylvania and the Carpathian Basin.

A true cultural tour de force containing hundreds of programs in a multitude of dedicated festival venues. Participants will encounter cultural values that are generally less visible, meet old friends or participate in varied programs throughout the festival days. The variety of programs repeatedly proves, year after year, the vitality of our value-creating community.

As members of the Treasured Cluj Association, we believe that our community work does not only bring more colour to available summer programs but is a unique opportunity to present our culture, customs and traditions to the Romanian community we live next to. We believe mutual knowledge is the foundation of harmonious coexistence. However, if we can present the diversity of Cluj highlighting the promising development of a dynamic city built on the stable foundation of historical traditions, our common dream will come true since young people of the city will more likely remain in our Treasured City, start a family here and contribute to the development of our community.

This year HCDC celebrates its tenth edition. Remaining a prominent event in the cultural life in the Carpathian Basin for so many years, and being a worthy model several towns in Transylvania have started to follow, proves once more that ten years ago HDCD successfully met a real need for culture in this region.

The ever-improving program offer provides quality entertainment for all ages. During festival days we will be present in many squares of the city, open the gates of our institutions, enliven more secluded, less frequented locations and spaces, which are nonetheless linked to the Cluj feeling with myriad threads, spaces without which the festival would not be what we want it to be. That is, a celebration of the city and its inhabitants.

We look forward to seeing you on August 18-25. For the detailed program of the festival, visit our website.


See you in August,

the organizers