GRUND – Boyband of the Comedy Theatre in Budapest

GRUND – The Boyband of the Comegy Theatre in Budapest was set up on May 1st, 2017, their first concert being held on the celebration of the 121st birthday of the Comedy Theatre itself. The members of the group – József Wunderlich, Márk Ember, Áron Zoltán, Balázs Medveczky and the conductor, Béla Fesztbaum – are also cast into the successful musical adapted and by Dés–Geszti–Grecsó after the homonymous novel wirtten by Ferenc Molnár, The Boys from the Pál Street. In the ever-richer repertoire of the band, besides the tracks from the musical, we can also find legendary evergreens known to the public from some of the productions of the Comedy Theatre, some famous melodies of Presser Gábor’s and, of course, a couple of favourite pieces coming from the world of domestic and/or foreign rock music.