Consisting of young, enthusiastic and passionate amateur musicians, the group was founded in Cluj/Kolozsvár in the spring of 2001. Except for a couple of own compositions, the Concert has been touring in Transylvania, Hungary and Voivodina with a repertoire of sung poetry. The prize they won in Senta has increased their enthusiasm as recognition came from high-profile personalities. In 2004 they recorded 13 songs in an improperly equipped studio, the album being entitled Apró képek balladája (The Ballad of Small Images). Concluding their university studies, the members of the group suddenly found themselves in the middle of their own busy lives, so that due to lack of time and a significant amount of physical distance, the members became unable to meet for the rehearsals and they had to break up in 2005. However, the new Concert was re-founded in 2010, after a 5-year break. With a repertoire of old and new songs, the “Karaván” has decided on a firm comeback and it is ready to concert. For three years now, they have been involved in projects on songs for children and animation, and their programme is mostly targeted towards the little ones – the children’s parents, however, being also interested in the productions. Therefore, the “Karaván” shows can rightfully be defined as family concerts.