With its 3 members coming from Gheorgheni/Gyergyószentmiklós, the band has already issued 2 albums in the 2 years since their set-up. The 2nd album consists of 3 songs, the videos being shared via the largest site of video sharing.  

2018 started with the album entitled Helló, consisting of 6 tracks. The boys have since accomplished two albums and a demo. Subsequent to the 35 concerts held in 2018, they have foreseen 50 appearances this year – including performances at the Double Rise Festival, the Vibe, the EFOTT Festival, the Hungarian Cultural Days in Cluj/Kolozsvár, the Festival of “Liberty” in Marghita/ Margitta, the SIC Feszt, as well as the Hungarian Cultural Days in Timişoara/Temesvár. The songs of the Teddy Queen are broadcasted by over ten radio stations in Transylvania and Hungary.